Co-Founder and First President

of the International Research Foundation




When Juleen attended the RSD Seminar at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida

in February 2000, she was overcome with mixed emotions. 

Nearly bedridden and wheelchair bound from having this disease for four years herself;

and observing all the people, especially the children who were suffering; she realized something

needed to be done to promote education and awareness of RSD. 

During a procedural appointment with Dr. Anthony F. Kirkpatrick, she said,

“Doc, if you can give me back some quality of life, I promise I will help you start a foundation." 

With the help of Dr. Kirkpatrick and her husband, Mike, in 2002,

the International Research Foundation for RSD / CRPS was founded and her promise was kept.

Juleen and Mike are still very active in the Foundation.

Juleen continues her support in a visible way through a video presentation



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