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Treatments are performed with a 4-day high-dose ketamine infusion on an outpatient basis at the Foundation ’s Surgery Center. For information on our research on the ketamine coma procedure, please visit our research section. The key to success is to get the dose of ketamine as high as possible and hold the dose up as long as possible with safety and creature comfort as primary concerns. Measuring clinical outcome on an objective basis is also critical to success.

The following two reports point out the nature of the placebo effect. They also point out that patients are not interested in placebos. Patients expect that their clinical outcome will result real physical changes in their bodies as determined by using and documenting objective measurements of pain.


Overview of the placebo effect


Impact of color on the placebo effect



Patients are invited to view the following links for details about our high-dose outpatient ketamine treatment.




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At our Surgical Center the effectiveness of treatment with ketamine is documented on an objective basis. Videos and pain thresholds document the effectiveness of the treatment. Patients are provided this outcome clinical data (including videos) for their record. The baseline video and pain thresholds are performed on a Monday with the post-treatment video performed the day following the last ketamine infusion. Pain thresholds are performed before and after each ketamine infusion. Families generally stay in Tampa, Florida USA for one week for the treatment.

Multiple sticks starting an IV can trigger CRPS, leading to major physical impairments. Accordingly, special precautions are taken in starting IVs and the IV catheter is left in place throughout the 3 to 4-day treatment with ketamine.

For more information about our Surgery Center dedicated to the treatment of RSD / CRPS, please visit:

The RSD / CRPS Treatment Center & Research Institute


Patients are referred to the links provided below. That way the patient would be exposed to the full spectrum of possible outcomes.

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