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For approval of their workers, INFOMED is today the visited electronic vestibule more of Cuba, when adding 11 770 448 the total of accesses registered to their Page Web until the closing of May of the 2006.

Doctor Mirta Núñez, main publisher of the Page Web.

Been born in 1992 like a project of Network Telematics specialized in Health, that allowed to attenuate the negative impact of the special period in the acquisition of medical Literature, 14 years later INFOMED she makes available of the professionals, technicians and students of the sector, the most updated national and international information available in this field.

Doctor Mirta Nuñez Gudás, main publisher of the page Web of INFOMED, explained to Granma that the site can be consulted from any place of Cuba and of the world, even by people with few knowledge of computation, and the used technical support guarantees more dynamism in the daily update of the vestibule and facilitates that the own doctors pay information to the network.

Thus for example a doctor of the family located in a mountain doctor's office of Guantánamo or in the Bog of Zapata, can through the Network take part in a discussion diagnoses with his colleagues of the hospitals or institutes of investigation of the capital; such possibility also is within reach of which they fulfill mission in the outside, and even, until a student of a separated place it has the opportunity to communicate with a famous professor to clarify doubts before an examination.

According to the data exposed by Núñez doctor, INFOMED at the moment has 28 sites of medical specialties, each one of which has a publisher and an advisory committee, while it anticipates the next incorporation of those of Neurology, Nefrología, Antitabáquica Fight, and Embryology.

It facilitates, in addition, the professional overcoming at a distance by means of the Virtual University of Health, the communication and the management of the institutions of the sector to each other and the others of the country and the outside, and makes available of the visitors a selection of the best news of Health compiled by Latin Press; newspaper articles and information related to events, congresses and other events of scientific and academic character.

Another one of the most attractive sites of this Network Telematics is the one of the Virtual Library of Health, that allows the access of the galens to important data bases specialized of diverse origin, as well as to the plaintext of books, Cuban medical magazines, manual bulletins and of procedure of different disciplines.

Also it offers valuable weather data, with connections to recognized centers of the region dedicated to that discipline, and makes available of the fans a page dedicated to the cyclonal season.

Beyond their enormous practical and theoretical utility, INFOMED is the electronic window that spreads to the world the profits of the Cuban Medicine.

“INFOMED is a model of integration of the information for the health in the fields of the attendance, the investigation, the education and the services”, of Medical Internet Research recognizes the Journal magazine.

When valuing the meaning of that recognition, doctor Mirta Núñez said that for her INFOMED is a work of wills and dreams, a great united family that every day is multiplied with the talent and the hands of a great number of people, which often not even we know. An example of how the Revolution socializes the use of the new technologies of the information in benefit of the health of the town, asserted.




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