International Research Foundation for RSD / CRPS

Scientific Advisory Committee

Anthony Kirkpatrick, MD., PhD., Chair
The International Research Foundation

for RSD / CRPS
Tampa, Florida

Charles Berde, M.D., PhD.
Harvard Medical School
Boston, Massachusetts
Robert Jay Schwartzman, M.D.
Drexel University, College of Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wen-hsien Wu, M.D., M.S.
New Jersey Medical School
Newark, New Jersey
Peter Wilson, M.D.
The Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota
Stephen M. Butler, M.D.
Uppsala University
Uppsala, Sweden
Gustavo C. Roman, M.D.
University of Texas Health Sciences Center
San Antonio, Texas
Sabine Kost-Byerly, M.D.
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland
Adam L. Seidner, M.D., M.P.H
National Medical Director
Travelers Property Casualty
Edward Covington, MD
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio
Dr-med. Ralph-Thomas Kiefer
Eberhard-Karls University
Tuebingen, Germany
Dr. Peter Rohr
Klinikum Saarbrücken
Teaching Hospital of the
University of the Saarland
Saarbrüecken, Germany
Takashi Mashimo, M.D., D.M.Sc.
Osaka University Medical School
Osaka, Japan



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