Microsoft Internet Explorer
Most Web pages contain information that tells the browser what language encoding (the language and character set) to use. To turn Auto-Select on and enable this feature take the following steps.

1. On the View menu in Internet Explorer, point to Encoding, and then select Japanese (Auto-Select) If you are prompted to download language support components, click Download.

If you browse, compose, or send and receive email in more than one language, you need to select the appropriate character codings.

1. On the top of the browser window open the View menu, choose Character Coding.
2. If Japanese(Shift_JIS) is listed on the menu, select it.
3. If not, click on More, select East Asian and select Japanese(Shift_JIS).

Other Browsers

Please view the help files that are included with your browser. Look for Language in the index or do a search for Language or Encoding.