Lori Eley has worked in the medical field since the early 1990’s as a Registered Nurse. She has experienced and cared for thousands of patients with various medical and pain issues. Her husband, John, “a young, wonderful, loving, caring and brilliant Medical Physician” was diagnosed with RSD / CRPS after an injury more than 7 years ago.

It was not until then that Lori first learned of this horrible disease. “My husband became disabled and lost his medical career; his one true life’s passion for helping people and wanting to make a difference by improving the lives of others” recalls Lori. This life altering experience forced Lori to stop working in the public sector in order to care for her husband and two young daughters who were toddlers at the time.


Lori has since made it her personal ambition to educate nurses, physicians and patients throughout the world about this horrible pain syndrome called RSD / CRPS.  We thank her for her unyielding commitment to help educate the medical community, especially regarding the need for early diagnosis and new treatment protocols.


Lori enthusiastically states, “I am quite optimistic; and, my hope is that some day soon there will be a cure for RSD / CRPS so that John and the many, many others afflicted by RSD / CRPS will some day be pain-free.”

Again, we thank Lori for her contributions in helping to educate, as well as inspire, the global medical community to find a cure for RSD / CRPS so that “there will be no more suffering from this dreadful disease”.


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