Sandra had worked as an RN for nearly 30 years in critical care, and as a trauma

nurse specialist, when her professional career took an unexpected change of direction.

She spent the remaining 5 years of her nursing career focused on pain. 


In her role as an Acute Pain Clinician for the Anesthesiology Department of a large

metropolitan hospital, which included providing effective pain and symptom management

for postoperative patients on PCA and Epidural pumps, she realized that effective patient

pain management depended on the education of everyone involved. 


She was a member of the American Society of Pain Management Nurses and the American Pain Society.


Sandra became an ardent advocate and educator to patients, family members,

other nurses and physicians.  She helped set up pain management programs and

lectured on pain assessment and management until, in 1998, her life was changed forever

when an injury resulted in her being diagnosed with RSD.


She believes that the International Research Foundation for RSD/CRPS is to be commended

for its efforts to fund research into the causes, controls, treatments and cures for this devastating

disease and most importantly, to educate the  health care community and medical professionals

worldwide about the  importance of early diagnosis and treatment.


She still hears reports from friends who tell of patients who weep to learn that their

healthcare provider knows virtually nothing about RSD.


We wish to thank Sandra Demby, RN, for her generous donation

to support education and research on RSD / CRPS.


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