A minor injury developed into a devastating disability for Nancy Nemhauser, J.D.  Despite numerous visits to various specialists, Nancy's condition was repeatedly misdiagnosed and became increasingly exacerbated.  As time passed, her condition deteriorated so extensively that she was confined to a wheelchair.  Determined to find qualified medical care, Nancy turned to research on the Internet where she found clinical information on RSD/CRPS published by members of the Scientific Advisory Committee.  As a result of this, she was able to find a qualified expert who specialized in RSD.  Since that physician provided Nancy with appropriate treatment, she has left the wheelchair behind and currently serves others by advocating for disabled children.  Nancy's previous experience as a practicing attorney assists her in working with various agencies on behalf of special needs children.  She was unanimously elected to serve as the Chairperson for the Exceptional Student Education Advisory Council for her county which has more than 40,000 exceptional students.  Nancy's experience with RSD has engendered a deep commitment to education about RSD and facilitating RSD patients' access to accurate and swift diagnosis followed by appropriate treatment from competent specialists.


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