The International Research Foundation for RSD / CRPS has been performing ketamine infusions for over a decade. Three or four consecutive days of treatment with intravenous ketamine are performed at a state-approved Surgical Center . Each day patients receive a 4-hour intravenous infusion of ketamine up to 300 mg / hour on an outpatient basis .

The following case illustrates how objective assessment of outcome improves treatment for CRPS. The patient's outcome after the 3-day treatment is documented below with measurements of pain thresholds and with measurements of function documented in a 15-minute video.

The patient's remission lasted for approximately 1.5 years. She then underwent a second 3-day ketamine infusion with a similar outcome (See pain thresholds below).

The durability of pain relief after ketamine infusions has been reported in two controlled clinical trials.



October 10 , 2008

A 29 -year white female with CRPS relates that over the past three years she has had pain in her right upper extremity. The patient's pain became progressively worse over the years despite treatment with medications, sympathetic nerve blocks and a trial of spinal cord stimulation. Her pain has become disabling as it spread to all extremities and the face.     

The graphs below illustrate that following the administration of escalating doses of IV ketamine over three consecutive days there was improvement of pain thresholds.

A video recording demonstrated that the patient improved in her mood, allodynia and in her ability to walk and use all extremities following the treatment with ketamine.



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Pre and Post Treatment Measurements 15-Minute Video ~ 340K








February 19, 2010










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