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The International Research Foundation for RSD/CRPS is pleased to announce the launch of its Chinese Web Site; the newest addition in the Foundation’s effort to educate healthcare professionals worldwide on RSD / CRPS.


True to the Mission of the Research Foundation, the Chinese site is as exacting as the English version which is subject to peer review by the Foundation’s 15-member Scientific Advisory Committee.


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More than a year and a half in planning and implementing, this vital project will now allow the Foundation to reach an estimated 1.5 billion Chinese speaking people globally, 20% of the population of the world who previously may not have had access to this critical information on reflex sympathetic dystrophy (also called complex regional pain syndrome or RSD / CRPS). According to Managing Director of Microsoft Research in China, Kai-Fu Lee, “Because the great majority of documents on the Web are in English, most Chinese cannot effectively search for documents they need, nor can they entirely understand the content of the documents they do find.”


In Hong Kong, local sentiments are in agreement. Team leader, Victor Ho, spearheaded the Foundation’s massive translation project from the start.  Victor is remarkable in his accomplishments for the Foundation since he also suffers from RSD / CRPS.  Like many RSD / CRPS patients in the US, he sought a diagnosis for his painful suffering for years.  It was the Foundation web site and the Clinical Practice Guidelines that led Victor to travel from Hong Kong to the US to seek specialized care.  His personal struggle for treatment drove him to volunteer to lead the effort to establish the Chinese translation of the International Research Foundation for RSD / CRPS Web Site.


Victor assembled an impressive committee in Hong Kong.  Working alongside Victor is the Foundation’s International Translator, Amy Chang.  Victor and Amy became acquainted in the early stages of the translation project through the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation.  Amy’s dedication to the Chinese RSD / CRPS project is most notable in that her interest is in providing authoritative medical information to Chinese speaking people worldwide.  In her own words, “As a renal transplant patient myself, I experience the huge difference it could make if up-to-date and reliable information is available in managing one’s chronic disease - like RSD / CRPS …  That’s why I volunteer to be the translator.”


Also collaborating with Victor and Amy are the Information Technology members of the Hong Kong Committee.  Dickson Ho and Ricky Kwong contributed many hours of their technical expertise to establishing a working test site and ultimately coordinating a flawless transition to the permanent Foundation Chinese web site.


The Foundation also expresses deep appreciation to Dr. LI Chung-ki and Dr. HUNG Chi-tim from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong for their valuable advice and assistance with the translation.


Professor Linda Carroll of the University of South Florida Department of Language & Linguistics  recognizes the importance of the project to a burgeoning China, “ Information and ideas are available simultaneously to anyone who has access to the Internet.  Wireless technology has brought telecommunication to places where phone lines cannot reach.”


Statistics show every year the public use of Internet technology in China is soaring.  Individual Web TV use has leaped from 10,000 to 2 million in only 5 years.  It is estimated that as many as one-third of China’s 100 million Internet users in 2004 were already broadband subscribers.


According to a recent CNN news report, economists as well as Microsoft’s Bill Gates predicted that China will be # 1 in Information Technology in 10-20 years.   Chinese language based information technology will soon surpass all other non-western languages. 


Dr. Wen-hsien Wu, Professor and former Chairman of Anesthesiology at New Jersey Medical School, stated, “In my visits and contacts with some of the major university hospitals in the People’s Republic of China during the past years, it is obvious that pain medicine has taken root there and recognition of RSD / CRPS is significant.”  He also emphasizes, “In the case of RSD / CRPS, early diagnosis and treatment are essential for a good outcome.”

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Shenping Zou, M.D., serves as the Medical Director of the Chinese web site. Dr. Zou is highly regarded by his colleagues as the Director of Pain Management for Bellevue Hospital with New York University. He is current with developments in information technology.


Dr. Zou obtained his M.D. degree from Hunan Medical University, People's Republic of China in 1986. He completed his anesthesiology residency, followed by a Pain Management Fellowship at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, New Jersey Medical School in 1999. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) and is certified in the subspecialty of pain management from the ABA.

Once again, the International Research Foundation for RSD / CRPS thanks all those who have contributed to this significant event as part of our ongoing Mission to provide education and research about RSD / CRPS to people and nations worldwide.



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