My name is Marty King. Five years ago, my family and I had never heard of the disease Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Today, five years later it has consumed our lives. I say "our " because RSD does not strike one person, 

RSD does not discriminate, young and old, RSD will try and ravage you, your entire family and everyone close to you. 

Do I make this sound like a horrific war? I hope so, because that's exactly what it is.

I am one of the lucky ones.

My family and friends have all stuck by me, have been by my side from day one,

and have pushed me on when I felt I could not go any further.

Some RSD victims aren't fortunate enough to have that support system, so I do consider myself very lucky.

What I say now I say to all my fellow RSD victims: The most important word you will ever need to win this battle is "DON'T".


Don't stop walking, to hurt is not to harm.

Don't stop fighting, fight with every ounce of strength in you.

Don't cut out your family and friends, they are what will push you on.

Don't stop trying to beat this, if you do, the enemy has won.

Don't lose your faith in God, whether you realize it or not He is the biggest weapon you have against this Demon.

Don't lose hope, if you do, it will know.

Last but not least, DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!

Thanks to the dedicated Founders, Physicians, Honorary Donors &

Volunteers of the International Research Foundation for RSD / CRPS.

One day RSD will be conquered, but not without your help. We need your help now, so one day you will not need ours.


The King Family,

Marty, Lucille, Martin III,

Kevin, Ana & Alyssa

~ ~

~          ~


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