International Research Foundation for RSD / CRPS



A non-profit organization dedicated to research and education

on reflex sympathetic dystrophy / complex regional pain syndromes


1. The Foundation supports clinical studies aimed at relieving chronic pain worldwide. These studies are not attractive for funding by commercial sources.

The Foundation actively supports research studies on RSD / CRPS in the United States, Mexico and Germany.



2. The Foundation is dedicated to speeding the development of drugs for RSD / CRPS victims worldwide.


Part I: FDA Policy Results In Export Of Pain Studies Overseas

Federal Food & Drug Administration: PART I

Part II: Foundation Appeals FDA Decision as Improper and Retaliatory

Federal Food & Drug Administration: PART II



3. The Foundation is an advocate for the highest quality in scientific publications:


American Medical Association is Injuring Patients with CRPS

American Medical Association



4. The diagnosis of RSD / CRPS is virtually unknown in developing, poor countries. The Foundation educates health professionals in seven languages worldwide and our reach is expanding:

The Foundation serves over 72% of Internet users worldwide!

Internet Top Ten


5. The Foundation supports the development of clinical practice guidelines by government agencies:

Scientific Advisory Committee Assists US Government

US Government Clinical Guidelines



6. The Foundation's Scientific Advisory Committee has expanded internationally and is composed of recognized experts on RSD / CRPS:

Scientific Advisory Committee



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The International Research Foundation for RSD / CRPS is a
501(c)(3) (not-for-profit) organization in the United States of America.

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