Janssen Pharmaceutica


On August 6, 2003, the Foundation held a

live and interactive Internet video program on RSD / CRPS

on the campus of the University of South Florida. Anyone in the world with a PC and modem

could participate for free. The symposium focused on the use of opioids (narcotics) to treat RSD in

both adults and children and was witnessed by a worldwide audience composed of physicians,

researchers, and health professionals through the use of a new Internet technology.

The program was developed independently by contributing international faculty from

Sweden, Germany and from universities throughout the United States.

We thank JANSSEN Pharmaceutica for supporting this project

with a generous educational grant.



Dr. Paul Janssen


Since its founding in 1953 by Dr. Paul Janssen
- a prominent researcher, pharmacologist and physician-
Janssen has been firmly grounded in science and the search for innovation.


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