Dear Dr. Kirkpatrick,


Thank you for meeting with me and my parents about my RSD and the possibility of going to Monterrey, Mexico for the Ketamine Coma Study with Dr. Cantu.


I was a normal, healthy 24 year old that had just graduated from Penn State University. I was always very active and enjoyed participating in most sports. I was looking forward to a new phase of my life working and meeting new friends. I have always enjoyed my social activities.


In April 2007, I had a “J-tube” surgically placed in my small intestine. I had been having trouble keeping food down and had lost 60 pounds. The “J-tube” never worked and eventually I was treated for my weight loss with antibiotics that allowed me to regain my lost weight. Immediately following the “J-tube” surgery, I started to have a different kind of pain. None of the doctors could explain why I was having so much pain and many doctors dismissed it as psychological. Many opiates were tried to relieve the pain and none of them were helpful. In fact, many of them made the pain worse. I had many trips to the emergency room due to the pain, and met with many doctors of different specialties. I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, biofeedback, hypnosis and nerve blocks. I had more tests done than I can count! Still no answer.


The only thing that gives me very minor relief is a combination of methadone and lunesta and lying still in bed. I am in bed 23 hours a day with no life. I cannot watch television for more than an hour per day or listen to music for extended periods. I cannot use my laptop and I sometimes can use an I-Phone, that my parents got for me, for about 20 minutes a day.


I live at home with my parents, and I cannot do any normal activities except use the bathroom that is next to my bedroom. My father is currently not working so that he can stay at home and care for me. My parents eat dinner in my bedroom to be with me. I am fortunate that my friends sometimes stop by for a brief visit in my bedroom. An extended visit is not possible due to the pain of my RSD. I have not been out of the house, except for doctor or medical appointments, since April 2007.


Finally, in July 2008, I saw a Neurologist at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia who diagnosed my pain as RSD. My family and I were thankful that someone understood the extent of my pain.


My family and I have researched and understand all that is involved and the risks associated with the Ketamine Coma. I am extremely hopeful that I will regain my life and be able to function normally. Thank you very much for helping me.




Justin Brown

Fort Washington, Pennsylvania


July 5, 2009



Mr. Brown discusses in the 16-minute video linked below a series of infections he suffered following the ketamine coma procedure. His pain thresholds improved but the H1N1 "swine" flu caused a major setback in his rehabilitation.

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Pre-coma Evaluation ~ 15 minutes ~ 340K

Post-Coma 3-Month Evaluation ~ 16 minutes ~ 340K




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