This site is dedicated to a research project on the safety and efficacy of the ketamine coma procedure. Below, research subjects discuss the risks and benefits of the coma procedure. This information is presented for patients who may be contemplating the procedure. Additional information on the research study is available:

Ketamine Coma Study


Information on the outpatient treatment of RSD / CRPS with high-dose ketamine is available.

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Patients are encouraged to obtain information about outcome from patients who report their outcome (good and/or bad) on the internet in the numerous videos and from articles published in peer review journals. Patients are referred to the links provided below. That way the patient would be exposed to the full spectrum of possible outcomes.



Journal Pain Medicine


Medical Synopsis Outpatient Ketamine Procedure

Medical Synopsis Ketamine Coma Procedure

Ketamine Coma Study: Objective Assessment of Outcome for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


Original Research Article: Efficacy of Ketamine in Anesthetic Dosage for the Treatment of Refractory Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: An Open-Label Phase II Study


1. Web Page: Heather Kennedy-Redmond Family

2. Web Page & Video: Shannon Stocker MD

3. Web Page & Video: Kaci Corrigan

4. Web Page: SYNOPSIS: Elena Cohen

5. Research subject is no longer in the study.

6. Web Page, Video & Slideshow: Lindsay Spengler synopsis

7. Web Page, Video & Slideshow: Mary Sutton synopsis

8. Web Page, Video & Slideshow: Mary Remotti synopsis

9. Web Page / Video: Lindsay Remington synopsis

10. Web Page / Video:  Deborah Caloutas

11. Web Page / Video:  Patricia  Barry-Faillers, RN

12. Research subject is no longer in the study.

13. Web Page / Video: Jaley MacDonald

14. Web Page / Video: Sabrina Ricci

15. Web Page / Video: Kimberly Gambarin, MD

16. Web Page / Video: Jennifer Leader

17. Web Page / Video: Blair Webber

18. Web Page / Video: Sue Aatek

19. Web Page / Video: John Roach

20. Web Page / Video: Sarah Brade

21. Web Page / Video: Mary Powers

22. Web Page / Video: Justin Brown

23. Web Page / Video: Emily Wilford

24. Web Page / Video: Jessica Stevens

25. Web Page / Video: Devon Emmanuel

26. Web Page / Video: Fern Kwantes

27. Web Page / Video: Patricia Lynch

28. Web Page / Video: Elana Hellring

29. Web Page / Video: Rachel Stein

30. Web Page / Video: Theresa Galvano

31. Web Page / Video: Kerri Jarvis

32. Web Page / Video: Dayna Boyd

33. Web Page / Video: Melody Harvey

34. Web Page / Video: Emma Orange


Research subjects who participated in the research protocol in Monterrey, Mexico gave permission to include their data on the internet. The research subject's name may have been changed to protect privacy.





Role of Caregiver

Two years post coma Lindsay Spengler and mother (Sharon Spengler RN) discuss the vital role of caregiver in a 20-minute video.

Pregnancy and Ketamine Coma

Watch Shannon Stocker MD discuss pregnancy two years after ketamine coma in a 17-minute video


Low Dose Verses High Dose Ketamine

Watch Fern Kwantes discuss the effect of dose on outcome in a 14-minute video

H1N1 (Swine) Flu Attack

In a 16-minute video Justin Brown discusses how he suffered a major setback following the ketamine coma procedure after an attack of H1N1 swine flu

Re-Injury After Ketamine Coma

Patricia Lynch discusses the challenges of re-injury  following the ketamine coma procedure

What is a Research Study?

During a pre-coma evaluation, 18-year-old Emma Orange from New Zealand discusses the differences between a "treatment" and and a research study in a 12-minute video.

Passive Manipulation of Extremities

This 6-minute video illustrates the damage caused by passive manipulation of an extremity by a physical therapist

Re-injury, Stress and CRPS

A 10-minute video provides a “spirited” assessment of stress, God and CRPS