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Dear Dr. Kirkpatrick,


Words cannot adequately express our gratitude to you and your wonderful, compassionate staff at the RSD Institute and Research Center. We feel so fortunate that Devon will be a part of your study that we believe will give her her life back and look forward to meeting Dr. Fernando Cantu for the ketamine coma procedure in Monterrey, Mexico.


In February 2005, after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a major in Communications, Devon was injured at her temporary job when a faulty step on a freight elevator door caused the door to fall on her right wrist. It was determined that she had a "bone crush", her arm was casted, but a month later Devon felt an electrical, burning sensation and told her doctor who suspected RSD. Within a few months Devon went from being a carefree, fun loving young woman who loved to ski, snowboard, hike, fly fish and write poetry to a life of constant pain and misery. Her RSD spread quickly from one arm to another causing blue and purple discolorations,  then into her legs and is now possibly in her organs. In January, Devon had huge kidney stones ablated and in July, emergency surgery for a  diseased gall bladder.

Devon has endured 17 hospitalizations, countless stellate and Bier blocks, a  spinal cord stimulator implanted in her spine and multiple medications to no avail. In September of 2007, Devon had a low dose ketamine treatment with good results, but unfortunately it didn´t last.

Numerous doctors and  specialists in RSD, including Dr. Robert Schwartzman, Dr. Srinivasa Raja, Dr. Ron Hertz and Dr. Getson have all recommended that she take part in the ketamine coma treatment study, since her condition is now extreme full body.


At 29 these should be the best days of her life, when Devon should be thinking about a career, dating and possibly marrying and having a family. Instead as a result of the RSD she is totally debilitated, depressed,  has lost her independence, rarely sees anyone outside the family and can´t work. Since a young child Devon has always been very social with many friends, but now spends most of her time in bed, watching T.V. when she is up to it and is now in a wheelchair when she leaves the house for constant doctor appointments and procedures. Devon desperately wants to get her life back and pursue a Masters degree in Teaching. She wants to drive her car, wear shoes, cook for her friends, go shopping, work and join the world again.


A million thank yous to Dr. Kirkpatrick, Dr. Schwartzman and Dr. Cantu for being true pioneers in the vanguard of the battle against this insidious disease. You provide hope and promise for those afflicted with the relentless pain of RSD. Devon has been blessed with a large supportive family, which includes 23 cousins who will be praying for her and believe with your help, she will regain her zest for life.




The Emmanuel Family

Connecticut  USA

August, 2009



A Cousin's Perspective


Dearest Devon,


From the time of your birth on July 9th, 1980 until today you have been such a blessing to me...I´ve watched you smile, roll, crawl, walk, sleep, talk, play, laugh, cry, grow up, write poetry, embrace life, giggle, work, sweat, exercise, reach out to others, advise, reach inside, struggle for strength, and suffer ...endure pain that I never could survive. You are my heart´s strength and inspiration. As you go forward I admire your courage ...I wish you peace, love, calm, serenity, faith, health, luck. . Painlessness, and most importantly, wish you whatever you desire so deep. I will pray..with deep faith and special requests!! I love you so much and know that when you are done, we´ll have an awesome celebration!!!! I love you!!! XXXOOO


Hugs and kisses,






"Twin's Perspective"


My sister Devon is my twin as well as my best friend. For the past four and one-half years I feel as if I have been living in a horror movie, a movie so obscene that you want to shut it off, but it keeps playing like a cruel joke.

Nothing in the world is worse than watching a loved one suffer, especially a twin sister. It has broken my heart over and over to watch Devon lying in her room in constant pain and suffering. She is not able to go out and do the things we used to do, I can't even touch her.

Devon is a shell of the person she once was. RSD has robbed my sister of her hopes, dreams, aspirations, happiness, her life. Unforgiving and relentless, the disease has slowly consumed my sister's spirit, her livelihood and most importantly her health.


Caroline Emmanuel





Pre-coma Evaluation ~ 13 minutes ~ 340K

4-Month Post-Coma ~ 20 minutes ~ 340K


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4-Months After Coma


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