Outpatient Treatment at

The RSD/CRPS Treatment Center

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For Information on the Ketamine Coma Procedure refer to

Ketamine Coma Study


The 3-day / 4-hour high-dose ketamine treatments are performed on an outpatient basis at the Foundation ’s Surgical Center. The patient has the option of having the IV left in place all 3 days.

Videos and pain thresholds document the effectiveness of the treatment. Patients are provided this outcome material for their record. The baseline video is performed on a Monday with the post-treatment video performed on the following Friday. Pain thresholds are performed before and after each infusion. Families generally stay in Tampa for one week for the treatment.

At the links below patients discuss the risks and benefits of treatment of CRPS with high dose ketamine on an outpatient basis.  This information is presented for patients who may be contemplating the procedure.



Kristina Chandroo

Sara Bubar

Cristie Schabot

Deborah Caloutas

Marisa DeCastro


New Patients are encouraged to obtain information about outcome from existing patients who report their outcome (good and/or bad) on the internet in the numerous videos and from articles published in peer review journals.

Patients are referred to the links provided below. That way the patient would be exposed to the full spectrum of possible outcomes.


Journal Pain Medicine


Medical Synopsis Ketamine Coma Procedure

Medical Synopsis Outpatient Ketamine Procedure